Caring For Your Chair

Caring for your chair

Here at Peach, we want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your experience with us. From sales through to delivery, we aim to provide a first class service that you will be delighted with. If you would like any advice on any aspect of choosing or caring for your Peach furniture, please get in touch. We love talking to customers and providing advice and support on choosing the best prices for your comfort and style. 

Our Customer Service team are available 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Frideay (excluding Bank Holidays) and 10.00am to 4.00pm on Saturday. Out of hours our answer machine will record your message and we will call you back within office hours.

 Cushion Care

Where seat or back cushions are reversible, they should be turned frequently to minimise creasing and even up the amount of wear.  All fibre-filled back cushions should be “plumped up” regularly to retain their best appearance.  Do not sit on arms or the front edges of seat cushions.

Fabric Maintenance

We recommend that you vacuum your upholstery regularly to remove any accumulation of dust, dirt or debris.  If you accidently spill something on your upholstery, wipe the excess away with a slightly dampened sponge immediately, do not use any cleaning products or baby wipes and do not rub! For more stubborn stains please consult a professional cleaning company. 

For extra peace of mind, we offer the Guardsman 5-year Fabric Plus Protection Plan.  Guardsman Fabric-Coate (a coating that prevents spills from becoming stains) will be applied to your fabric upholstery before delivery and this, in conjunction with the 5-Protection Plan will cover you against stains, rips, tears, burns and even those accidental scratches and gouges caused by a surprised or scared pet.

We also offer the Guardsman 5-year Leather Plus Protection Plan which offers the same cover as the Fabric Plus Protection Plan.

All pile fabrics including chenilles are subject to a certain degree of shading or pile crush with frequent use.  This is not a fabric fault, not will it detract from the wearing properties of the material.  The effect of pile crush can be minimised by regular brushing with a soft brush and occasional steaming where the pile is showing signs of wear.

“Chaise” Seatwraps

In order to create the extra softness inherent in “chaise”-type seatwraps it is important to remember that this style of upholstery is somewhat looser than in conventional seating, particularly as it cannot be pulled tightly from side to side.  This may result in a little “bagginess” or “wrinkliness” appearing in certain fabrics which can usually be smoother out by hand after use.  It is also worth noting that with this type of upholstery horizontal seams in seating and joins in back cushions may become misaligned in use.  When this happens it is advisable to re-align the affected areas by hand after use


Please remember that

  • direct sunlight may fade certain colours
  • sharp objects such as belts, buckles, studs, zips and your  pets’ claws will damage your upholstery
  • the build up of body/hair grease will badly affect the condition of your upholstery
  • you should not use detergents, silicone polishes or abrasive cleaners on your upholstery



Leather is a natural product and will, therefore, vary from the sample swatch.  It is also possible that it may have marks such as scarring, wrinkles, insect bites, etc., which are part of the hide and are quite normal.  Stitch lines may be in different places to those of a fabric covered chair.

 For extra peace of mind, we offer the Guardsman 5-year Leather Plus Protection Plan. which will cover you against stains, rips, tears, burns and even those accidental scratches and gouges caused by a surprised or scared pet.


Showwood arms should be wiped daily with a soft dry duster.  To remove grease marks use a diluted solution of warm water and vinegar and buff with a soft duster.  Do not use spray furniture polish.

 Motorised chairs

In response to requests from customers, we now offer a “Motorised Chair Health Check”.  We think it makes good sense to have your chair checked over to ensure that all moving parts (mechanical and electrical) are in good condition and working the way they should.

A Chair Health Check visit by one of our technicians will cover

  • Visual Check of Cables and Connections
  • Check of correct usage and installation
  • Removal of dust/dirt from electrics
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • A report on the chair’s condition
  • PAT test


Please Contact Us for details or call us on 0191 267 1414